Saturday, 25 June 2011

Lighthouses of Australia

One more card for today, from another dear person. I have received SO many gorgeous postcards from Heather, it's always a joy to find postcards from her in my mailbox!

Info from the back of the postcard:

Australia's coastline is home to over 350 lighthouses which have been erected over the past 200 years, their design is the same and yet delightfully varied. Here is a selection of Australia's lighthouses over 24 meters high, as depicted by Richard Braddish.

I'm not very good at adding pictures on blogspot so you can't really read much of the info in the picture above. Here's a link to a large-size scan if you want to read more about these lighthouses.

The stamp on the right is from a set of 2 Year of the Rabbit stamps issued earlier this year. The other two stamps really confuse me...! I thought they were fairly new but I can't find any information about them anywhere! :O Do you know anything more about them, Heather?

EDIT. Thank you for the info! The stamps are from a set of 4 stamps issued last year, showing Cocos (Keeling) Islands Flowers.


Heather said...

I can tell you they were the two offerings in 60c denominations but there was also a $1.20 which had a white flower. They are a domestic use stamp and must not be more than a year old because 60c is the current price of a domestic stamp. Their issue date was 15th September 2010.

Have you been to australia post's website?

More specifically if you click 'previous issues' you'll find most of the stamps you're after.

But dont look around too much or you might not be surprised by any stamps that come on my cards lol.

Anu said...

Thank you for the info! I did check the Australia post's website but couldn't find these, I'll have to take a better look now!

raj said...

yeah it was very nice one to look .