Friday, 15 October 2010

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

One more card for today.. it's actually about two minutes to midnight here so this will be posted tomorrow. :P This card is definitely a pearl in my collection - I never thought I'd ever receive a written and stamped postcard directly from Grenada!

Grand Anse Beach is apparently one of the world's most beautiful beaches, or at least that's what this card claims :p I can't really give my opinion on that but it does look very beautiful. The sender says that he goes to this beach after exams with his friends. I'm so jealous! It would seem SO much nicer to celebrate on a sunny beach than in a dark, noisy pub. The sender tells me that there are a lot of English students in Grenada; they couldn't get to study medicine in England so they went to study it in Grenada. I can see why Grenada might be more tempting than England, and the climate would probably not be the least important of reasons :p Funny thought, if English kids go to study in Grenada - I've heard of so many Finnish kids moving to study in England because it's easier to get into uni there than back in Finland. ...and a family friend of my parents' moved to France years ago to study medicine because he couldn't get into uni in Finland. The only problem was, he didn't know any French when he first moved there so he had to learn the language first. He's a doctor (or possibly something even higher) now...!

Such a nice stamp, too! It's from a set of 7 butterfly stamps issued in 2006.

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