Saturday, 14 July 2018

Palojoki, Lapland, Finland

...and now for something I have been dreaming of recently.. even more so than being on a tropical beach :P I think it has been more since I moved to England that I have learned to appreciate the beauty and the tranquility of the Finnish nature. There's something here that makes me very "homesick". ...and yet England is my home now...

This card is from one of my 'summer card pals', Tua, from last year. I really like that project and have been participating on the Finnish Postcrossing forum on it for years. It doesn't seem too active this year, I'm a little disappointment I must say. It was so much fun last year and I received so many gorgeous postcards such as this from Lapland. The sender of this card lives in a village near this river. It looks so calm and tranquil. It would probably be nice to swim in the river at the moment, too, if you were there now as Lapland has been having a heatwave for a while now as well. Not something you get every year! :o

The stamp is from a set of awesome sauna stamps issued last year. I have a bit of a thing for the sauna and collect postcards relating to it. I have a fairly reasonable collection by now as well. NOTE: the link is not work safe and some of the pictures contain nudity.

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