Thursday 25 July 2019

What do you know about Thailand

One more card for today. This one is from an Instagram swap with Lily in Finland, from her adventures in Asia. I LOVED reading about them (and looking at the photos, obviously) on Instagram. Incidentally, Instagram is my favourite social media platform, I'm not too keen on Facebook and rarely post there, and I just don't understand Twitter at all. Anyway. Lily sent me two WOW cards from her holiday. This is my favourite postcard series at the moment, I just love the watercolour illustration, they are so pretty. I'm getting tired of the Greetings from... series, not that I'm able to really get any of the new issues as the countries are all so rare. *sigh* Well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm having problems arranging swaps for cards in this series as well - pretty much everyone already has the UK. At least I manage to arrange the occasional swap, though, and have had friends help.

I was told June is really hot and humid in Thailand. Definitely not a place for me to visit at that time of the year, then! I don't cope very well with hot weather. ...and as I say that, today is the hottest day of the year so far in the UK (possibly EVER, according to the news?!). Over here it's been around +33 C I reckon, which is way too much. I do have this 'cooling towel' I bought on Amazon, but I'm a little disappointed with it. It's basically just a towel that you have to wet, and it cools you down that way. It does work, but it dries in about half an hour or so so I keep having to wet it again and again. As I pointed out on Instagram, I also don't appreciate the comments and the attitude some people have that you shouldn't complain about the heat if you also don't like cold winters either, that 'nothing is good enough'. I'm sorry but I don't cope well with extreme weather, it makes me feel physically unwell. Am I just supposed to pretend that I enjoy this if the hot weather doesn't cause problems to the majority of people?! Not everyone is the same, some people don't tolerate extreme heat or cold well.

Anyway. The above doesn't really have anything to do with this postcard, and that is what I'm supposed to be talking about here, right?! Oooops... The Lantern Festival mentioned on this card sounds really lovely. And Thai food... although I can't eat most of it at the moment because chemotherapy has totally changed my tastebuds - I can't handle spicy/hot foods *at all*, not even the tiniest amount of heat. It's SO annoying, I used to love spicy food and I've got numerous bottles of chilli sauce in the cupboard that I stocked up on earlier last year. Out of the foods mentioned on this postcard, banana pancakes might still be safe for me to eat, I'm not sure of any of the others. And I suppose you can't really leave chillies out of Thai food?! :(

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